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AASLD The Liver Meeting 2024, San Diego 

15-19 November, 2024

Carmen will be giving a presentation on "How to design a basic science study for success" in the upcoming The Liver Meeting 2024 organized by AASLD on 16th November in San Diego, California.

Screenshot 2024-06-03 132950.png

 ILCA Annual Conference 2024 

17-19 October, 2024

Carmen will share our findings on anti-TIGIT in HCC at the International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA) in Toronto this October.

All interested may join in-person through registration to the session! 

APASL Oncology 2024 Chiba 

24-25 September, 2024

Carmen will be sharing our work on genomics, immune microenvironment, and precision medicine in liver cancer during the Meeting of the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of Liver in Chiba this September. 

Hong Kong Inter-University Postgraduate Symposium in Biochemical and Life ​Sciences 2024 

15 June, 2024

Carrie, Haijing, Zher, Helen and Cindy presented their work at the Hong Kong Inter-University Postgraduate Symposium in Biochemical Sciences. Helen was awarded the best poster award. Congratulations to Helen for the recognition of your hard work!!  

Clinician - Scientist Interactive Session at AIG Hospital

23 May, 2024

Carmen gave a talk on "Harnessing the immune landscape for precision therapeutics in HCC" during the Clinician- Scientist interactive session organized by the Center for Translational Research of the Asian Healthcare Foundation. 

RGC Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme, 2024

20 May, 2024

Our Post-doctoral Fellows, Vincent and Jacinth, are selected as awardees of Research Grants Council Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme. This fellowship aims to encourage doctoral graduates in pursuing career in research and provide promising researchers with support at a pivotal time in their very early career. Congratulations!

AACR Annual Meeting 2024

5 April, 2024

Cerise, Kenneth, Zher, Helen and Cindy recently attended the AACR Annual Meeting in San Diego! Cerise and Kenneth shared their work during the poster presentation sessions. Kenneth also won the AACR Scholar-In-Training award. Everyone had a great time listening and talking to fellow scientists in the field and felt inspired to apply what they learned during the conference to their projects! 

Editor's Perspective Talk at APASL2024 Kyoto 

27 March, 2024

Carmen will give an editor's perspective talk on "What makes a great paper?" during the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of Liver in Kyoto. 


HKLF - Exploring New Horizons 2024

9 March, 2024

We hosted another lab visit for a group of secondary school students from Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College. They had the opportunity to learn about our research interests as well as basic laboratory experiments demonstrated by our lab members. Hope they enjoyed the engaging session as much as we do!


Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award 

6 March, 2024

Carmen is proudly awarded the Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award in the HKU excellence award 2023. Thank you Carmen for being our best supervisor leading the team for greater milestones and achievements in research, we couldn't be more proud to celebrate this recognition with Carmen. Congratulations Carmen!

HKU Research Postgraduate Symposium cum Award Presentation Ceremony 

4 March, 2024

Carmen, Jacinth, Cindy and Sienna attended the HKU Research Postgraduate Symposium cum Award Presentation Ceremony hosted by the Graduate School. Jacinth received the Li Ka Shing Prize for best PhD thesis. Cindy, our second year PhD student, presented during the poster presentation session. Our first year PhD student, Sienna was awarded the HKU Presidential Scholarship. Congratulations to all for the recognition on your hard work! 

Li Ka Shing Prize 2021-2022 

4 March, 2024

Our PhD graduate Jacinth was awarded the Li Ka Shing Prize for the 2021-2022 academic year for her outstanding PhD thesis. The Li Ka Shing Prize is one of the most prestigious prize awarded by the University. Congratulations to Jacinth for your amazing award! You are an inspiration to us all. 

Faculty prize presentation.jpeg
Vincent and Jacinth award.jpeg

Faculty Prize Presentation Ceremony

21 Feb, 2024

Vincent, David and Dicky's paper published in the Journal of Hepatology has been awarded for the Faculty Outstanding Research Output Award. The award-winning research project characterized tumors in precision mouse models with different genotypes into cold and hot tumor based on CD8+ T cell-infiltration level. Our study provides proof-of-concept evidence to show that hot tumors are responsive to anti-PD-1 treatment while cold tumors are more suitable for combined treatment with anti-PD-1 and sorafenib.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Jacinth were also awarded for the Chan To Haan Prize for Research Postgraduate Students 

in Pathology.

Well done and huge congratulations to all the awardees for the recognition on your hard work!

Lab Hiking

13 Jan, 2024

We hiked Cape D'Aguilar for our team building this year, followed by a hotpot dinner! Everyone had an enjoyable time chatting and bonding with each other besides the perfect weather and the scenic view. Special thanks to Macus for organizing, look forward to our next outing

Grace's Farewell

9 Jan, 2024

Grace has been in our lab for the past two years as a MPhil student. She has worked very hard during her studies and has made lots of contributions in the lab. Thank you Grace and good luck on your new journey! We will miss you!!


Developmental Cell- Voices

2nd Jan, 2024

The microenvironment influences cell fate. In this collection of voices at Developmental Cell, researchers from the fields of cancer and regeneration highlight approaches to establish the importance of the microenvironment and discuss future directions to understand the complex interaction between cells and their surrounding environment and how this impacts on disease and regeneration.


Carmen has shared her insight on how the microenvironment influences the biology and therapeutic response of liver cancer. Check out the full version:

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