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Faculty Outstanding Research Output Award

19 Jan, 2024

Vincent, David and Dicky's paper published in the Journal of Hepatology has been awarded for the Faculty Outstanding Research Output Award.


The award-winning research project characterized tumors in precision mouse models with different genotypes into cold and hot tumor based on CD8+ T cell-infiltration level. Our study provides proof-of-concept evidence to show that hot tumors are responsive to anti-PD-1 treatment while cold tumors are more suitable for combined treatment with anti-PD-1 and sorafenib.

Well done and huge congratulations to all the co-authors of these exciting studies for the awards!

Lab Hiking

13 Jan, 2024

We hiked Cape D'Aguilar for our team building this year, followed by a hotpot dinner! Everyone had an enjoyable time chatting and bonding with each other besides the perfect weather and the scenic view. Special thanks to Macus for organizing, look forward to our next outing

Grace's Farewell

9 Jan, 2024

Grace has been in our lab for the past two years as a MPhil student. She has worked very hard during her studies and has made lots of contributions in the lab. Thank you Grace and good luck on your new journey! We will miss you!!


Developmental Cell- Voices

2nd Jan, 2024

The microenvironment influences cell fate. In this collection of voices at Developmental Cell, researchers from the fields of cancer and regeneration highlight approaches to establish the importance of the microenvironment and discuss future directions to understand the complex interaction between cells and their surrounding environment and how this impacts on disease and regeneration.


Carmen has shared her insight on how the microenvironment influences the biology and therapeutic response of liver cancer. Check out the full version:

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